Sunday, April 11, 2010

Philippine American Cemetery and Salcedo Park Market

This is the first time that I have gone inside the Philippine American Cemetery. I have passed by it a couple times before but have never been in it.

This place has made me appreciate the men and women behind the World War II. Seeing the names of the soldiers made the store of the WWII more interesting for me.
The Cemetery is very well kept. It is clean. In fact, one of the visitors asked if the grass was real grass. That's how nice the cemetery's grass looks like. I actually can't remember seeing grass as nice as theirs. And so, my son and I had to sit and enjoy the grass.

Visiting the cemetery is for free. However, before entering the premises, the guard manning the entrance asks for an ID from your vehicle's driver and does a headcount of the people coming in. He also makes the visitors read through the rules and regulations inside the cemetery. Visitors are expected to behave properly and food and drinks aren't allowed inside the premises.

After our visit to the cemetery, we came over to the Salcedo Park Saturday Market. I used to visit this market a lot a couple of years ago before I migrated to the States. It is good to know that the chinese lumpia that I so love and Inengs barbecue are still there. There were also new items that I just discovered like the gourmet suman and putong ube. It's nice to buy food stuff from the Salcedo market but just be ready to haggle because I lot of them can be too expensive.